Table of contents

Change of address

It's important that we know your current address to ensure we can keep you updated with important information relating to your account. We can store two types of addresses for you:

  • home address: this indicates your principal residential address
  • correspondence address: this is where we'll send your statements, letters and marketing material. This can differ from your home address should you need mail to be sent to an alternative address.

By online banking

You can easily update your home and/or correspondence address online as long as you are registered for online banking and log on using your HSBC Secure Key. Find out how to register here.

  1. Login and select your name from the top right-hand side of the screen
  2. Select 'Personal and address details'
  3. Scroll down to 'address details' and select 'edit details' on either your home or correspondence address 
  4. Enter your premises information (house number or name) with your postcode and select 'look up address'
  5. You'll be prompted to input the date you require this change to be made. Select 'now' if you want it to be updated straightaway. Alternatively, you can click 'later' and add a future date and we'll change it for you without you having to contact us again.
  6. Once completed, your details will be successfully updated 

By telephone

If you're registered for telephone banking, you can call us, and once we've verified you as a customer we can update your address. Call us on: 

  • Personal Customers: 03457 404 404
  • Premier Customers: 03457 707 070
  • Business Customers: 0800 032 1770
  • From abroad: +44 144 242 2929

In branch

Find your branch and one of our staff will be happy to help you.

Whilst we'll always aim to identify you from our existing records, we recommend you bring identification with you to ensure that we can verify you as our customer.

When updating an address in branch the changes will be immediately updated.

Please note:

  • Joint account holders may need to update their addresses separately
  • We're unable to update PO Box addresses online
  • Some accounts may not be updated for up to an additional 7 days


Change of name

Making an appointment in branch

Updating your name can be done in your nearest branch. Because we don't want to keep you waiting, we recommend that you book a 15 minute appointment at your convenience.

The appointment will consist of one of our colleagues inputting your new details onto our system and your change of name request could be completed that very day. Some products, such as insurance or investment products may take longer.

We'll update all accounts to reflect the change. This will then generate new cards and chequebooks (if you require them) which will be sent to you in the post or, if you prefer, can be collected from your nearest branch.

Documentation required

You must provide the original change of name certificate/document(s), which we'll photocopy and return to you. We accept the following documents to support a change of name request:

  • marriage certificate
  • civil partnership schedule
  • divorce decree absolute
  • doctors (doctorate)
  • armed forces ID
  • witnessed deed Poll*
  • statutory declaration*

*Supporting documents with your new name required (such as passport or driving licence).