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Life Insurance advice

Support for existing customers

If you’re struggling to pay your Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover or Income Cover monthly premiums because of coronavirus, help is available. Please visit our support page to find out more.

The HSBC claims experience

At a time when our customers need us the most there are no endless forms to complete. If you need to make a claim, contact our helpline for assistance as soon as you can, quoting the policy number if possible.

What this means for you

  • Our personal tele-claims service ensures that we are connected with you
  • We have dedicated claims managers who take you through a personalised service
  • Our claims service is quick and easy so that you can concentrate on more important things
  • We offer rehabilitation programmes and provide ongoing advice

What you'll need to hand when making a claim

  • Policyholder's name
  • Policy Number (if possible)

Once we have discussed your claim you will need to complete a Medical Declaration form (PDF) and Authorisation Payment form (PDF). These are available here and can be printed, completed and sent to us to speed up your claim.


Help and advice

There is lots of support available to help you cope during difficult periods - whether this is coping with grief when a loved one dies, finding out that you have a serious illness or suddenly being unable to work.

HSBC are able to provide specialist advice to help you deal with a loved ones estate or manage your money after your partner has died. There are also many charities which provide practical advice as well as valuable emotional support during a stressful period. Please see our bereavement section.


Contact us

We're here to help.

To discuss a claim, or to amend your policy please call us on 0345 745 6125*

*Lines open 08:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Calls may be monitored or recorded.

Further information

If you'd like to find out more about HSBC Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover or Income Cover, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our customers tell their stories

Mrs R - diagnosed with bowel cancer

When Mrs R was diagnosed with a life changing illness at the age of 32, her immediate thought was for her family. As a mother of two she had bought the Critical Illness policy to protect her family, but never imagined she would need to claim.

Mrs R reflects on her initial thoughts, "It was a complete and utter shock for me, I had no idea I was ill. I had an emergency operation and I was told afterwards that I had cancer. It was like a bulldozer, bulldozing through your life. You're plugging along quite happily and then suddenly you get this shocking news and it's just devastating. It changes your whole perspective on life and what's important in life. I'm only 32, I'd only been poorly for a month before my operation. Because of my age, they wouldn't even think whether or not it could be bowel cancer. I don't fit the criteria for having bowel cancer, it doesn't run in my family, there's no history of it. So it was a total shock. I did keep thinking 'I'm only 32 this isn't fair'. I have two children, I feel guilty about the effects on them and this is impacting on their lives - it's been a shock to them too."

Mrs R took out the policy to cover some mortgage lending with HSBC - "I took it out so if something does happen to you then you don't have to worry about your family and the situation they are going to be in. We took the policy out so we could protect the children more than anything, but you don't take it out thinking that you're actually going to have to cash it in. It's a 'just in case' - you don't ever think you're going to claim on it."

Unfortunately, Mrs R found herself in a situation where she needed to make the claim. When asked for feedback on the claims process she says "I thought the process would be much more lengthier than it was. I thought it would be much more complex than it was, that proved very wrong. It was very, very simple, you just ring up. You think you have to go through everything and send lots of documentation off and it'll be very complex, but it wasn't at all."

Mrs R spoke with one of our experienced claims assessors and found them to be "professional, courteous and compassionate". She then considers "What do you say when someone rings up and says 'I've got bowel cancer, I've just been diagnosed'? Lots of people I have told will sort of stop and no one actually knows what to say to you. You're dealing with someone on the phone who doesn't know you and they are compassionate and say something caring about your situation, that's quite a difficult phone call to take when you first make a claim. The claims people on the phone - it's not an easy job to do, but they do it very well, they were very, very good."

The claim payment has cleared Mrs R's mortgage and helped Mrs R to get her life back on track "I work full time and I am on sick leave at the moment, I get sick pay for six months and Income Protection after that, but it's the fact that I know I can take as long off as I need now because of the policy. I haven't got to worry about finance, I haven't got to worry about work; there's no pressure, it's taken all of that pressure off."

Mr P - diagnosed with lymphoma

When Mr P took out his Life and Critical Illness policy with HSBC, he never imagined he would need to claim. He almost cancelled it at one point, but thought it was probably worth the cost of a few beers per month as "you never know". A year later, Mr P fell ill and was diagnosed with lymphoma and recalls his initial thoughts "Your first reaction is fear - fear of the unknown, what will the prognosis be? I have two small children, so it was frightening."

He reflects on calling HSBC "When I first called HSBC Life it was only a few days after I had received my diagnosis. I got such a human reaction, not 'fill in this form', but 'what can I do to help?' so the experience exceeded my expectations in terms of empathy shown - it did not feel like a process." Mr P went on to say "The assessors were friendly, supportive, empathetic and set clear expectations."

The claim was settled within a month and Mr P was kept updated by phone throughout the whole process commenting "I never felt the need to chase."

The claim payment has meant that Mr P can focus on getting better and spending time with his wife and children. As well as reducing his mortgage, the payment has covered the travelling expenses of Mr P's wife and his parents, so they can be with him when he has chemotherapy. Mr P's wife has been able to reduce her working hours, making it easier for her to be there for him during treatment. And most important of all, the family are planning a well deserved holiday, something they could not have done if Mr P did not have the policy. Mr P summarises his experience saying "It is reassuring to know that the policy did what it promised to do. I was very happy with the service I received from HSBC Life."

Mrs P, a manager of a chemist, made a claim under her Income Cover policy after being absent from work due to work related stress and depression.

During the assessing of the claim we recommended a service provided by a specialist team of medically qualified rehabilitation counsellors which was taken up by the customer. Mrs P wanted to return to work but needed help and support as this wasn't being provided by her employer. Our team provided a management plan which introduced one-to-one therapy. During this time Mrs P felt she had to resign as her employer was putting pressure on her to return to work, which caused her further distress.

After the counselling was completed, our vocational support team helped find Mrs P a new job. The new job was with a different employer and as a pharmacist, as she advised this was where she was happiest. Mrs P started on a locum basis and was soon offered a permanent position, which she accepted. Mrs P was very grateful for all the assistance commenting "HSBC and Rehab Works were fantastic. I would never have been able to return to work without their support, input and guidance."


Case study sources - HSBC Life Claims team - Mrs R Policy paid 07/02/2013 & Mr P Policy paid 12/12/2012


Frequently Asked Questions

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