Things HSBC might send you

We may send you a text message to confirm whether a card transaction has actually been made by you or to ask you to contact us regarding activity on your account, like a large bill payment. However, fraudsters also send out text messages pretending to be us.

So here are some samples of what we might send you:

Scam Alert

HSBC Fraud department will only ask you to call one of the numbers below. Any other number you are asked to call will NOT be HSBC Fraud.

03456 031832 (+441126260049)

03456 081878 (+441470697094)

03456 008891 (+441470697005)

03456 008050 (+441226322223)

03452 669337 (+441470697107)

03456 039984 (+441126362224)

03456 100135

03455 873523

If you are unsure of a number you have been asked to call, please call the number on the back of your debit or credit card instead.

Things a fraudster might send you

Typical Fraudster messages – please delete the message and do not respond.

Any links in these messages will take you to a spoof website that may look like one of ours and will ask for your full login details. Please do not click on the link. The phone numbers quoted belong to Fraudsters and they will answer the phone like HSBC. Fraudsters can mimic our genuine message tags so that their messages appear in the same text conversation as a genuine message you’ve received previously.